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Translations/Abstracts by Wu Ta-Yeh and Wu Teng Shu-Hsien

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(March 1978 in T'ai Chi magazine)

The following is an abstract from Tung Ying-chieh’s "TAICHICHUAN EXPLAINED." It is translated by Wu Ta-yeh and Wu Teng Shu-hsien.

"(To be effective in pressing forward,) a palm should not be higher than your eyebrows or lower than your heart.* It should not pass your nose tip to the other side of your body.

"If you use your right palm to press on an opponent at your left, the palm passes your nose to the other side, and your attack becomes ineffective.

"But if you suck in your left chest and slightly twist your waist leftward, you will have enough attacking force again. It is said, ‘changes are at the chest and directions are from the waist.’"

*Translators’ note: According to Chen Shin (1849-1929), a forward pressing palm should not be higher than the nose or lower than the shoulders. See Chen Shin, "Chen Family Taichichuan Illustrated." His effective range is narrower than Tung’s.

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