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Translations/Abstracts by Wu Ta-Yeh and Wu Teng Shu-Hsien

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(July 1978 in T'ai Chi magazine)

The following is an abstract from Tung Ying-chieh’s "Taichichuan Explained." It is translated by Wu Ta-yeh and Wu Ten Shu-hsien.

"The classic says, ‘energy is rooted at the feet, developed through the legs, directed by the waist, and manifested in the hands and fingers.’ This is the principle of issuing strength. When your whole body is pliable and agile, the strength from the legs and waist is fully transmitted to your hands and fingers. Your body resembles a flexible steel rod, with a hammer at the tip. The pliable action of the rod transmits your strength to the hammer so that nothing can resist it. If you study and experiment with this very carefully, and practice it accordingly, you will gradually develop this real intrinsic strength."

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