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Here are some books and videos that may help the beginning students to learn the sequence of postures for the traditional Yang style Slow Form. The following list can be used as a reference for your study here at the school. Our opinion is that you don't need these to learn, but we get a lot of questions about books and videos that would help.



Recommended Taijiquan Books for the Taijiquan Tutelage of Palo Alto
(pdf file)



Dong Style Orthodox Taiji: Slow Form and Dong Family Fast Form
Alex Dong



Tung Kai Ying (son of Tung Huling) demonstrating taijiquan (TTOPA's taijiquan comes from the Tung family lineage via Tung Huling) on YouTube:

Reference DVD of the Slow Form performed by Michael Chan is available for purchase by students in the school (ask one of the instructors in class).