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Here are some books and videos that may help the beginning students to learn the sequence of postures for the traditional Yang style Slow Form. The following list can be used as a reference for your study here at the school. Our opinion is that you don't need these to learn, but we get a lot of questions about books and videos that would help.


    On Tai Chi Chuan
T.Y. Pang
ISBN 0-9612070-1-9
Yang Style Taijiquan
Yang Zhenduo
ISBN 7-5054-0123-8/G.0009
Authentic Yang Family Tai Chi
Fu Sheng Yuan
ISBN 0-646-23258-4

Tung Ying-chieh's famous "Red Book" (the Chinese title is translated as "Tai Chi Chuan Explained")
The text is in Chinese, but there are pictures of the Tung Ying-chieh demonstrating the complete Slow Form and the Tung Family Form (the English translation of the Red Book does not have the pictures nor the descriptions of the pictures)



Dong Style Orthodox Taiji: Slow Form and Dong Family Fast Form
Alex Dong



Some of the above items can be found at the Wayfarer publications web site (http://www.tai-chi.com). Wayfarer publications also publishes T'AI CHI magazine and sells the poster that has the pictures of Yang Cheng-fu performing the complete slow form.

Tung Kai Ying (son of Tung Huling) demonstrating taijiquan (TTOPA's taijiquan comes from the Tung family lineage via Tung Huling) on YouTube:

Reference video of the Slow Form performed by Michael Chan is available for purchase by students in the school.


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