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Here are some books and videos that may help students learn the sequence of postures for the traditional Yang style slow form and other aspects of the art. The following list can be used as a reference for your study here at the school. Our opinion is that you don't need these to learn, but we get a lot of questions about books and videos that might help.



Suggested book for new taijiquan students
Learning Tai Chi Chuan
by Tung Kai Ying

Other suggested books for taijiquan students
of the Taijiquan Tutelage of Palo Alto (PDF file)

See also these free translations by Paul Brennan:
Taiji Boxing Explained ("The Red Book")
by Dong Yingjie (Tung Ying-chieh)
Dong Family Fast Set
by Dong Huling (Tung Hu-ling)
Methods of Applying Taiji Boxing
by Yang Chengfu & Dong Yingjie (Tung Ying-chieh)
Methods of Applying Taiji Boxing
by Dong Huling (Tung Hu-ling)

Suggested book for new I Liq Chuan students:
Zhong Xin Dao/I Liq Chuan System Guide
by Sam F.S. Chin


Reference Videos for download
performed by Michael Chan

1. Traditional Yang Style Slow Form
2. Fast Form, Tung Family Fast Form, and Weapons Forms

Available for purchase by students in the school

YouTube video:
Tung Kai-ying demonstrating taijiquan

Tung Kai-ying's father, Tung Hu-ling, was the
teacher of TTOPA founder Wu Ta-yeh

Dong Family Videos:
Yang Style Slow v1 & 2
Weapons Set
Fast & Fajin Forms
and more


TTOPA's taijiquan lineage comes from
the Dong (Tung) family