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Monday night intermediate/advanced class
Monday night intermediate/advanced class (1/11/99)

Seminar picture with Mike Sigman
Seminar with Mike Sigman

 Seminar picture with Wang HaoDa
Seminar with Wang HaoDa

 Seminar picture with Chen XiaoWang
Seminar with Chen XiaoWang

Seminar picture with Ye XiaoLong and George Xu
Seminar with Ye XiaoLong
and George Xu

Seminar picture with Chen QingZhou
Seminar with Chen QingZhou

 Seminar picture with Chen youZe
Seminar with Chen YouZe

Seminar with Li TaiLiang

Seminar with Li XiaoMing

Seminar with Kris Brenner

Seminar with Alex Dong

Seminar with Sam Chin
I-Liq Chuan class available

DZC2004a.jpg (372212 bytes)
Seminar with Dong Zeng Chen


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TTOPA Picnic 1999
TTOPA Picnic 2000

TTOPA Picnic 2001

TTOPA Picnic 2002
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TTOPA Picnic 2003

TTOPA Picnic 2004

TTOPA Picnic 2006

TTOPA Picnic 2007


2012 I-Liq Chuan Workshop

140203 Dima PA group.JPG (2218724 bytes)  Pushing Hands: Scott Beckman and Michael Chan  
Free-style Push Hands with Derek Dang and Michael Chan
Pushing Hands


2003 Bay Area Taiji Exhibition

2004      2005

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Group pictures  Group pictures


  Sunday practice at Rinconada Park Sunday practice at Rinconada Park
Sunday practice classes at Rinconada Park

The Next Generation

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Yang Cheng-fu

Tung Ying-chieh

Tung Hu-ling

Wu Ta-yeh

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