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Taijiquan is the pinyin version of spelling T'ai Chi Ch'uan (which is also sometimes seen as tai chi chuan, taichichuan, tai chi, taichi, or taiji). Pinyin is the system adopted in 1979 for transliterating Chinese ideograms (characters) into the Roman alphabet (pinyin is the official system of romanization for China and became the United Nations Standard in 1977). For example, the old Wade-Giles system spells the capital of China as Peking, but using the newer pinyin system, Peking is now known as Beijing.

The special characteristics of true taijiquan are a tranquil mind and loosened joints, which allow the application of integrated supple strength directed by the waist and spiraled to the lower and upper limbs, as well as continuation of internal energy (qi) from movement to movement without interruption. These components of taijiquan are taught at the Tutelage (established in 1973) using the concrete and refined methods developed by the late Wu Ta-yeh. Some of the health benefits of taijiquan practice include improved balance, flexibility and strength while reducing stress.

Classical Yang Cheng-fu Style in its unmodified and unabridged forms.

Wu Ta-yeh animation
Wu Ta-yeh demonstrates the sequence of postures
"Carry the hammer forward, draw, and close."

All classes in room M4 have been cancelled until further notice.
We are continuing outdoor classes with physical distancing and wearing masks.

No classes being held in room M4 due to Shelter-In-Place order

Basic Instructions: Learn the complete series of the traditional Yang Style Taijiquan Slow Form as published by Yang Cheng-fu in 1931. You will learn all of the basic ingredients and internal biofeedback for continuous improvement (Sunday 9:30 am, Tuesday 5:30 pm, and Thursday 5:30 pm).

Advanced Instructions: Advanced methods are taught in loosening, pliability, supple strength, twisting strength, integrated strength, directing movements by the waist, methods of initiating movements of strength, continuity of energy flow, meditation, qigong, and self-defense implications of the postures.

Other Instructions: Taiji Sword, Taiji Falchion ("Big Knife"/Broadsword), Yang Fast Taijiquan, Tung Fast Taijiquan, Two-person operations ("push-hands"), and Teacher Training. Intermediate/Advanced Taijiquan class. Zhong Xin Dao/I-Liq Chuan (Thursday 6:30 pm).

Corporate and Private Lessons are also available.

Former Advisor: The late Wu Ta-yeh (1907-1994) taught taijiquan in Palo Alto (starting in 1973) for over twenty years and developed a program designed to pass on all his knowledge of the traditional Yang style taijiquan advanced techniques to the next generation. Translations/Abstracts by Wu Ta-Yeh and Wu Teng Shu-Hsien

Head Instructors: Robert Brown, Michael Chan
Senior Instructors: James Bilanski
Instructors:  Chao-Hsin Chi, Walter Lim, Cheng-Wei Pei
Assistant:  Wan Chan, Noreen Chen, Joe Katz

Class Location: Palo Alto is located in the South Bay and Mid-Peninsula of the San Francisco Bay Area (we are centrally located a few miles away from Stanford University and Moffett Field/NASA). The surrounding cities are Redwood City, Atherton, Portola Valley, La Honda, Belmont, San Mateo, San Carlos, Menlo Park, Los Altos, Mountain View, Sunnyvale, Cupertino, Los Gatos, Santa Clara, San Jose, Milpitas, Newark, Union City, Hayward, and Fremont.

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