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Seminars with Sam Chin (Zhong Xin Dao/I-Liq Chuan)

  *** Palo Alto Zhong Xin Dao/I-Liq Chuan Classes ***

We are back to having indoor classes on Thursdays

          Location: Thursdays at 7:30 PM: Cubberley Community Center
                               4000 Middlefield Road, Room U-7 (Indoor)
                               Palo Alto, CA 94303

          Location: Sunday Mornings at 10:30 AM: Rinconada Park
                               777 Embarcadero Road (Outdoor)
                               Palo Alto, CA 94303

          I-Liq Chuan Classes: $80/month (fee discounts for partner/couples or simultaneous enrollment in Taijiquan classes)

Email Mike Chan at mike.chan@iliqchuan.com for more information.

January 2006 (first I-Liq Chuan workshop in California)


Most of the workshops below were hosted with the In Motion Center (Oakland)

November 2006

May 2007

November 2007

May 2008

November 2008

May 2009

November 2009

May 2010

November 2010

June 2011

Sept/Nov 2011

April/May 2012
Sam Chin/Ashe Higgs

Oct/Dec 2012
Sam Chin & Katya Shestakova

March 2013
Steve Arboleda

July 2013
Ashe Higgs

Sam Chin, Alex Skalozub, Dima Grinberg, & Wai Tang

Sam Chin &
Daria Sergeeva

2016 workshops
Sam Chin, Daria Sergeeva, and Joshua Craig

2017 workshops
Sam Chin, Rich Kelly, and Ashe Higgs

2018 workshops
Sam Chin and Marina Gubnitskaya

2019 workshops
Sam Chin and Wai Tang

2021 workshop
Sam Chin

2022 workshops
Sam Chin and Hsin Chin

2023 workshops
Sam Chin and Hsin Chin

I-Liq Chuan is an internal martial art based on Zen (Chan) and Taiji principles. The name translates into mind-body fist or mental-physical boxing. I-Liq Chuan emphasizes the development of awareness as the basis for martial skill. The training process includes harmonizing yourself by directing mental attention to one's senses to gain understanding of body structure, muscular movement, and the link between the mind and body. The harmonizing with your opponent training involves partner exercises to develop circular spiral movements with sensitivity, sticking, and merging abilities (I-Liq Chuan spinning/sticky hands training is similar to taijiquan's push hands training). Sifu Sam Chin (and instructors from the I-Liq Chuan Association) comes out to the bay area (about twice a year) to teach weekend workshops and to check on the student's progress in I-Liq Chuan.

Email Mike Chan at mike.chan@iliqchuan.com for more information.
For more information on Zhong Xin Dao/I-Liq Chuan, go to www.iliqchuan.com

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